The proven limescale solution for your home

Remember there are many low cost solutions to limescale out there that only have the one benefit of being low in cost. Apart from Aquabion there are no other low cost solutions proven to prevent limescale available in Kent. The Aquabion solution is extremely cost-effective and will eventually allow you to recoup your initial costs within two to three years, while giving you up to seven years of limescale protection.

We can provide cost effective simple installation Alternative to Water Softener In Kent, we are a local Medway based company with a fantastic product that can Destroy Limescale and save you money. The S15 and S20 Aquabion water conditioners utilise the very same technology as their big brothers, which are frequently used in hotels, restaurants and factories around the world to solve their limescale problems!

Look after your home and yourself with the highest quality German engineered, limescale destroying product available

£3billion a year lost to inefficiency, breakdowns, replacement and labour costs all because of Limescale. How much does it cost you?

The sad fact that limescale is costing you means that doing nothing is just too expensive in time and money. It is estimated that the UK spends over £1,000,000,000+ in extra in energy just because of limescale! 

Of course we all hate the unsightly effects of limescale on your bathroom. However the impact on the efficiency of boilers, showers, hot water tanks, washing machines, irons, and taps is more significant. Left untreated, limescale increases the cost of daily living through increased use of energy and of course the premature failure of appliances and hot water systems. I’m sure that you don’t need reminding of the hassle and upheaval that accompanies the installation of a new bathroom, boiler or hot water tank, but failure to deal with limescale means that you will have to endure the upheaval at some point in the near future. In addition wasting energy and the early demise of expensive appliances is bad for the planet, as well as being bad for your finances.

Limescale is a killer of your time and your hard earned cash. Getting a reliable, proven solution is the smart thing to do. We have removed lots of different devices costing £100 – £300 which still haven’t done anything to alleviate the problems above, according to the householder.

Aquabion Water Softener Reviews | What our Customers Say

The benefits of using Aquabion - Aquabion is easy to have installed, has an impressive international track record and most importantly works!

  • Less money spent on heating your hot water, repairing/replacing appliances means more money to spend on the things you want
  • Less cleaning chemicals which is great for your skin and the environment
  • Cleaning takes less time, which means you have more time to do the thing you love
  • You can relax because you can drink the water and even babies food can be made from the water unlike salt based units
  • What is more, the treated water is not effected by time, unlike a lot of the electronic/magnetic units
  • Above all you can relax in the knowledge that you get 7 years peace of mind from the worrying problems of limescale

Aquabion really shows off the high class German EngineeringThe summary made by independent test laboratory


  • The AQUABION® system prevents aggressive lime deposits (aragonite instead of calcite).
  • The AQUABION® system prevents the formation of new limescale and further growth of old accumulations.
  • Existing limescale is also reduced by the use of the AQUABION® system.
  • The AQUABION® system is approved for drinking water use, certified by the German GS association and complies with German KTW recommendations. The system is environmentally acceptable and does not change drinking water quality.
  • The AQUABION® system does not result in any ongoing operating costs during its service life

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